At cuid, we are building the most simple and advanced consumer-facing property security system that prevents crime from happening. Starting with LatAm, Protecting Homes & SMB’s. With our AI, we are already close to having a 10x better product than the competition and we already have over 10k signups (and counting) in just over 3 months for our first service

Our mission is to prevent crime from happening and to make security accessible to everyone. Our vision is to become the Apple of security. We have a top-tier ex-Ubiquity, Glovo, Mercado Libre, Jablotron, EY, and MEWS team, with founders that have made it from 0-1 before in the space and great advisors from the industry.

  • product with a real impact

  • equity option

  • freedom and responsibility

  • time and location flexibility

  • selected coffee

  • team-building activities

Our Team

  • Sebastian Sulma


  • Bence Garai


  • Matt Hrkal

    AI Lead

  • Jan Mraz

    Head of Design

  • Filip Naiser

    AI Architect

  • Jesús Garza

    Graphic Designer

  • Martin Burian

    AI Engineer

  • Luu Ly Fabián Nguyen

    Talent Lead

  • Václav Gryc

    BE Developer

  • Tomáš Mihle

    Automation Specialist

  • Ilyos Ibrokhimov

    Mobile Developer